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"It's Jazz, Free Improvisation, Hip Hop, Indie, Rock, Contemporary Classical..."

Uli Rennert - pianist, sound engineer

"Beautiful music achieved through a great idea that takes the best of both worlds. Semi-composed and semi-improvised all the pieces are strong and, with these fine musicians, capable of going in some surprising directions. Really inventive, exciting contemporary jazz."

Noel Megahey - Bandcamp Review

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"Comprovisition" is a contemporary jazz sextet that is constantly looking for ways to combine the composed with the improvised. 

Jazz in various forms meets rock riffs, spherical clouds of sound or trap beats. In the current program, there is also a strong influence of 20th century classical music (for example by Schönberg, Berg or Mahler) omnipresent. This creates a kind of hybrid music that can be classified between contemporary jazz, classical chamber music and free improvisation.


The ensemble is made up of musicians coming from all over Europe and beyond (Austria, Germany, Brazil, Poland, Croatia) whose paths crossed while they were still studying music together in Graz.

Each musician brings their own musical ideas, backgrounds and visions into the band to form a pulsating, diversified but at the same time unified band sound.

The band's work so far is already documented on the 2020 debut CD “Comprovisition” on "Rote Welt Records". 
In June 2022 the ensemble published it's second production entitled "Romantic Symmetry" on the Vienna-based label "Jazzwerkstatt Records".


Listen/Buy 'Comprovisition'

Buy 'Romantic Symmetry'


Daniel Holzleitner (trombone)

Tobias Pustelnik (saxophone)

Piotr Lipowicz (guitar, fx)

Urs Hager (piano)


Ivar Roban Križić (bass)

Matheus Jardim (drums)



INNtöne Jazzfestival, Brucknertage Linz, Musiktheater Linz, Porgy&Bess, Stockwerk Graz...


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